Terms & Conditions

A downloadable PDF of these terms and conditions can be found HERE

These regulations apply to all stallholders.
Strict compliance with them is a condition of the contract for the hire of a stall site on an event.
It is essential that stallholders cooperate with the market manager, deputy manager, committee and volunteers at all times, to ensure that all events are enjoyable and safe for everyone.
All stall holders must provide evidence of their compliance with insurance terms, trading standards, food hygiene, Covid-19 regulations and risk management.


All traders must complete a Registration of Interest form prior to booking to enable the market committee to ascertain suitability, through the meeting of all regulatory criteria and type of stall/product. Evidence of all certification must be sent with your booking. Once your suitability has been approved you will be sent a Booking Form to confirm the date and availability of the stall space.

Payment must be received within 1 week of returning your booking form to secure your space. Or, in the event of a late booking only, at least 24 hours prior to the day of the market.

Your space will not be confirmed until payment has been received. All payments should be made by bank transfer. Refunds will be considered on an individual basis by the market committee. Please contact the Market Manager (info@eastleakemarket.org.uk) if you wish to cancel your space. We cannot guarantee that late cancelations will be refunded.

Cancellation of the market event by the committee due to a natural catastrophe or man-made disaster, including closure due to Covid 19 or similar government enforced closure will be made at the earliest possible opportunity and all stall site payments will be refunded in full as soon as possible.


East Leake Parish Council is insuring the market event, staff and volunteers. For further details of this please contact the Parish Office at; parishclerk@east-leake.gov.uk. However, each stall holder is responsible for providing their own public liability insurance for their stand and products. All stall holders must provide evidence of public liability insurance up to the value of at least £2 million.

East Leake Market committee, manager and deputy manager reserve the right to refuse entry or to any stall holder not adhering to the market terms and conditions.
Anti-social behaviour in any form will not be tolerated. Any stall holder not entering into the community spirit of the market, or failing to operate to instructions or guidance from any of the organisers or volunteers may be asked to pack up and leave site.

The committee will endeavour to ensure that duplication of products for sale is avoided, or kept to a minimum. You will be allocated a space/site to set-up your stall. These will be carefully thought out and are non-changeable. You must ensure your stand stays within your allocated space (as stated in your register of interest/booking form) and does not encroach on the space of others stalls.

The Market Association request that all stall holders provide a risk assessment of their set-up for Health & Safety and insurance purposes. You should only need to do this once if your set-up doesn’t change. The Market Association will undertake a site-wide risk assessment to ensure the safe arrival, set-up, conduct and break-down of the market. If you would like details of this please contact the market manager; info@eastleakemarket.org.uk. Please ensure your stall is set-out so as to reduce the possibility or likelihood of accidents, trips, collapses or breakages. The Market Association reserve the right to ask stall holders to move or change elements of their set-up that are determined to be a health & safety risk.

Stall holders are directly responsible for the safety and management of their own stock, stall and the space surrounding their stall. East Leake Market Association will not accept responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen goods during the set-up, opening and close-down of the market.

Stall holders will be given a bin bag to dispose of waste responsibly throughout the duration of the market. We please ask that you use it and hand it in to the volunteers at the end of the event. Bins for customers will be provided by the Market Association.

Food and drink stall holders must comply with all legal requirements and follow best practice standards. Such as:
• Holding Food Hygiene certification
• Being registered for food inspection
• Following the Challenge 25 guidelines.
• Those selling alcohol should have a personal alcohol license.

Goods must be marked and priced according to Trading Standards.


All stalls and stall holders must ensure their set-up allows for social distancing. The market will provide signage and helpers to assist with managing queues. There will be a hand sanitiser station set-up at the entrance of the market with further guidance for customers. The Market Association cannot insist that all market customers use face coverings, as it is not required by the government for outdoor events if 2 metre social distancing is adhered to.

Set-up with stall holders being able to park directly behind their stalls will allow for stalls to socially distance from each other to maintain stall holders work bubbles.

All stalls must have hand-sanitiser available for customer use. Stall holders must ensure they follow government guidance to reduce the risk of spreading Covid19. All risk assessments must clearly state measures being carried out on individual stalls to reduce the spread of Covid 19. It is the stall holders discretion as to whether they use PPI, but if it is mentioned in their risk assessment, it must be adhered to at all times.


Goods for sale on the day of the market should be a true representation of the seller’s usual stock as can be seen on their social media and/or website. The stall holder must be the legal owner of all goods for sale on their stall. We prefer stall holders to sell goods produced by themselves or sourced locally, where feasible. We will not accept stalls with quantities of bought in and imported goods. Our market is about promoting local produce and independent businesses not global trade and large corporations. Stall holders are responsible for clearly labelling their goods and under no circumstances should goods be mis-sold or mis-represented. Anyone found to be selling stolen or inappropriate stock will be asked to close-up and leave the market.


East Leake Market Association operate a strict No Smoking policy on the market site for the duration of the set-up, opening and closing of the market.

The public toilets on Gotham Road (opposite the park) will be open for the duration of the market. Ask a volunteer to point you in the right direction.

The Market will be open to the public between the hours of 3pm and 8pm.

Your stall must be staffed at all times by at least one person during these opening times.

Set-up is open from 1pm. Please do not turn up earlier as it is unlikely you will be able to get through the barrier. You will be directed to your stall site by members of the market team, who are all volunteers.

Break-down can commence once the market has closed at 8pm.

Please do not start to pack away before this time unless told to do so by the Market Manager.

Please clear the site promptly but respectfully of your neighbours to ensure that the site is clear by 9pm.


In the event of an emergency please call 999. Then contact one of the market team to inform them of the situation if possible, or send someone else on your behalf.

There will be a nominated first aider at hand. Please contact the market manager or one of our team with any less serious issue that arises which you may need help with. In the unlikely event that site evacuation is required the market team will direct customers and stall holders to a safe place to assemble, such as the Fire Station, Village Hall or Parish Office Car Park.